Derrick He Wei Jian’s Press Conference

Last Friday saw me and Shanice going to attend He Jian Wei’s Press Conference at Fashion Bar @ The Cannery. At first I was very blur blur as to who he was since I couldn’t recognise him from pics and I’m bad with names. He’s an ex ngee-ann student though.

Fashion Bar – I would say I love the decor of that place! I especially love the plush purple seats and the black chandeliers that hang so gracefully from the ceilings. Asked Shanice to help me take a pic of the black chandelier so I’d always remember it, she thought my request was weird. bahhh.

See pretty right? As shown on website lar

Anyways, waited around with the other media before he was finally on the scene 🙂 I think he looks pretty cute, but totally different in his pictures or MTV. They changed his whole image to coolness >.< Still ok lar, I think he looks better in real life. Hehe.

That’s the album cover. Looks too cool for school. Haha.

You know, it was darn funny when all the different media are trying to snap pictures of him at every opportune moment? Every single time he looked in one direction (where all the photogs were), you’ll see tons of flashes going off all without missing a beat! I was trying hard not to laugh for fear it might interfere with the recording I was trying to do.

They invited his Superstar friends to come down to congratulate him. They all look so different compared to being seen on tv a couple years back! And some of them were very jovial and funny.

Oh forgot to mention – the videos that he made with his songs.. ahhhh! I can’t get the songs out of my head! My personal favourites are wu fa gui lei, and ni zou tian qiao, wo zou di xia dao (I just realised I don’t know how to change the language preference on my mac argh). You NEED to have a listen to them especially if you like him. However, you might have to wait till his new batch of CDs get in – They are now completely sold out in Singapore music stores! What an acchievement!

He did a liner for us! YAY! Thiang, waiting for your pics 😛


Doing His Part For Charity

On the June 2008, Jaycee Chan released his first single named 《一路好走》.This song was put together by Jaycee himself, dedicated to Jaycee’s dear grandfather who passed away earlier this year.
With music and his memory of this grandfather in mind, Jaycee also wished to unite fans and friends worldwide to do their part for the people who needed help, such as the victims from the Sze Chuan Earthquake.

Artistes from different countries and companies all over the world have also come together to perform and raise awareness.
All proceeds from this CD single will go the victims from the Sze Chuan Earthquake.
Now do your part for the greater good! 😀
Check out his song here:

Heatwavers on Skype!

Hahahah, they’re gonna hate me for doing this but really… do I care? 😮

Anyway, I was on Skype with some of the Radio Heatwave part-timers because we were too bored. The part-timers were being irritating making silly faces at Lamont and I so I decided to take some screenshots and post them here! 😀

First up, Sylvia! Couldn’t get a shot of her doing a silly face, but I’m gonna post the only pic I took of her anyway.

See, I wasn’t joking when I said they were stupid pics.

Up next, Alicia! This one, now… what can I say. She’s pretty “obliging” 😛 She’s the one with the most stupid poses.

Hahahah, alright, that’s all for Alicia. Personally I think the last photo is a classic, a panda-pig kinda face XD

Last one! Our favourite resident minah, Marissa!

I apologise, forgot to put it to full screen for Marissa’s first two pictures x.X

Just a pointless update, until next time! XD

Nokia Launches Music Store Locally!

Last week we were invited to sit in at Nokia’s launch of Music Store here in Singapore as well as the introduction of their new phone – The Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Kym, Lamont and I headed to their main office and was ushered into a big conference room.

The presenters gave all of us good rundown of all of its functions and let us put our hands on their devices as well as purchasing system for Nokia Music Store.

In a nutshell, Nokia users now can purchase music on both their laptop/desktops AND mobile phone online! Both devices could be synced easily and all you need is the credit to buy your music.

At the site, there a millions of tracks for you to choose from, artistes include major international singers, independent label as well as Asian content, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your latest Gary Chaw song.

Alternatively, you can find out more about this service HERE.

We were treated to a healthy sandwich meal of Barn Farm (or something along this line, heh) while playing around the new Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.

This phone features Music Features such as:

  • Storage for up to 6,000 songs with optional 8GB microSD card
  • Dedicated music keys
  • Hi-Fi quality audio with dedicated audio chip
  • Voice-controlled Music Player: Say and Play
  • Instant access to Nokia Music Store Over-the-Air and via PC
  • FM stereo radio with RDS

and more.

We went back to the office with each of us having $16 worth of music credits to download songs from the site. 😀

Hoyu Hair Fashion Show!

This time round, we are invited to Hoyu’s launch held over at The Arena! It was the launch of two of their hair product series, mainly the Glamage – Hair Manicure, as well as Mallia Hair Care Products.

At the entrance, we were greeted with enthusiasm and given a media pass each to wear on so have have the permission to enter the backstage. As the very nice lady ushered us to our couch, we were also handed a couple of goodie bags, which contained the media kit and complimentary Mallia shampoo and conditioner.

We arrived there early so we managed to catch the second half of the rehearsal. While waiting for the fashion show to commence, guess what made Kym and Darrick very happy? – Alcohol.

We each ordered housepours and sinked into the happy music and atmosphere.

The lights dimmed as the dancer emerged from the darkness, a Geisha dancing gracefully to the Japanese-influenced music. For this fashion show, there was multiple themes.


  • Bold, outrageous hairstyles in black colour presented by a group of hyperactive dancers in black, sexy leather costumes
  • Models with their hair in brown/blond shades, wearing all-white to highlight the purity
  • Models in similar gilttery short dresses sashaying down the runway in their glamourous hairstyles, each very unique
  • My favourite goes to the models who wore long, loose-fitting dresses in their outrageous square-cut hair.
  • Last but not least we have the extremely beautiful Geishas in their intricate costume and thick make-up, along with their exquisite hairdo.

Let’s not neglect the male models shall we? The guys came out strutting down the runway coolly, showcasing the vibrant and vivid hair colours.

And with the final parade, the show ended with cheers and applause from the audience.

We were very pleased and awed by the good-looking models. Thank you Hoyu for inviting us! :

Oh my, how I wished I was a model too… :/


The Bloody Bunch ……… of Failures

So like Shanice said, Mario, Darrick, Lamont and I went for the blood donation drive that the for the Singapore blood bank organised @ Block 16. We were all pretty excited and yet at the same time, nervous because it looked really scary. It was mine and Lamont’s first time. ):

So anyway, as you all should know. Not everyone can donate blood. There has to be prior checkups and your vein has to be visible and sturdy so the needle won’t accidentally slip out of the vein in the middle of blood transfusion, which could be dangerous.

The truth is… Darrick, Mario and I didn’t manage to donate blood in the end. ): Well Darrick was more of a failure than Mario and I because he failed the initial checkup due to a persistent diarrhoea. Meanwhile Mario and I passed all the tests and were sitting on the reclining chairs, ready to save the world, and his veins couldn’t be found and mine were too soft. D:

So immediately, the Fantastic (Bloody) Four got reduced to only one, and that was Lamont. So, all hail Lamont! And if you guys see him, do give him a pat on the back. Or give him some candy/milo/ribena, the extra sugar might come in handy now. 😛

The Bloody Bunch

Just received this in the Inbox:

Mario, along with Kym, Darrick and Lamont, have decided to shed some blood for the greater good. 😀

They’re now at Blk 16 donating blood at the drive.

Wish them the best of luck!

P.S. I hope Lamont won’t cry and shout “I’m going to die!” when he comes back. Haha.

Ah, this is so very interesting.