Derrick He Wei Jian’s Press Conference

Last Friday saw me and Shanice going to attend He Jian Wei’s Press Conference at Fashion Bar @ The Cannery. At first I was very blur blur as to who he was since I couldn’t recognise him from pics and I’m bad with names. He’s an ex ngee-ann student though.

Fashion Bar – I would say I love the decor of that place! I especially love the plush purple seats and the black chandeliers that hang so gracefully from the ceilings. Asked Shanice to help me take a pic of the black chandelier so I’d always remember it, she thought my request was weird. bahhh.

See pretty right? As shown on website lar

Anyways, waited around with the other media before he was finally on the scene 🙂 I think he looks pretty cute, but totally different in his pictures or MTV. They changed his whole image to coolness >.< Still ok lar, I think he looks better in real life. Hehe.

That’s the album cover. Looks too cool for school. Haha.

You know, it was darn funny when all the different media are trying to snap pictures of him at every opportune moment? Every single time he looked in one direction (where all the photogs were), you’ll see tons of flashes going off all without missing a beat! I was trying hard not to laugh for fear it might interfere with the recording I was trying to do.

They invited his Superstar friends to come down to congratulate him. They all look so different compared to being seen on tv a couple years back! And some of them were very jovial and funny.

Oh forgot to mention – the videos that he made with his songs.. ahhhh! I can’t get the songs out of my head! My personal favourites are wu fa gui lei, and ni zou tian qiao, wo zou di xia dao (I just realised I don’t know how to change the language preference on my mac argh). You NEED to have a listen to them especially if you like him. However, you might have to wait till his new batch of CDs get in – They are now completely sold out in Singapore music stores! What an acchievement!

He did a liner for us! YAY! Thiang, waiting for your pics 😛


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