The Bloody Bunch ……… of Failures

So like Shanice said, Mario, Darrick, Lamont and I went for the blood donation drive that the for the Singapore blood bank organised @ Block 16. We were all pretty excited and yet at the same time, nervous because it looked really scary. It was mine and Lamont’s first time. ):

So anyway, as you all should know. Not everyone can donate blood. There has to be prior checkups and your vein has to be visible and sturdy so the needle won’t accidentally slip out of the vein in the middle of blood transfusion, which could be dangerous.

The truth is… Darrick, Mario and I didn’t manage to donate blood in the end. ): Well Darrick was more of a failure than Mario and I because he failed the initial checkup due to a persistent diarrhoea. Meanwhile Mario and I passed all the tests and were sitting on the reclining chairs, ready to save the world, and his veins couldn’t be found and mine were too soft. D:

So immediately, the Fantastic (Bloody) Four got reduced to only one, and that was Lamont. So, all hail Lamont! And if you guys see him, do give him a pat on the back. Or give him some candy/milo/ribena, the extra sugar might come in handy now. 😛


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