Behind the scenes for RED Camp 4

Well. So many posts are already up about RED Camp.

 Thus, I shall save my breath.

 Watch the video instead. As pictures speak louder than words.

Scene: Outdoor Broadcast at FMS Blk 52 Level 1

This video is brought to you by Radio Heatwave. It’s what you want!


Stomach Flu is so not funny…Ep 2

picture0073.jpgpicture0073.jpgAs one of the “survivors” from the “deadly” stomach flu virus, let me tell you why it is NOT funny at all.  

First of course, you feel like you just have to shift your house to the toilet because every few minutes, you will definitely feel like shitting or vomitting.  

And you have to swallow all kinds of wierd wierd medicines. There’s no direct antibiotics or anything. At least, I wasn’t given any except for painkillers. So you can only stop the pain and pray hard that all the viruses in your stomach is all dead.

Refer to the picture below and you will know why.


Quote from Neng Hao “na ge yao bu hui zai da yi dian”. haha.  

Yahz. Thanks ar! For spreading the flu virus. And somemore, I kana the night before my friend’s wedding dinner. Made me miss all the good food:( My sharks fin ar!!!!:( 😦

P.S. I’m still on medication ar!

JH Birthday Celebration

My first post.

I’ve decided to dedicate to JH by posting her birthday celebration video.

 Hope that she don’t kill me after reading this:p