Red Camp – Jam n Hop Nite

Great job, guys!

I think Jam n Hop was a great success! I enjoyed myself that night. Hope everyone else did too! Although we are all tired from all the pre-Jam n Hop events, everything paid off on the finale – Jam n Hop. =)

Andrew Chow is so friendly and down-to-earth that it was incredible chatting with him backstage.

so proud of us, RHW. 😉


it’s the media industry

Yesterday, Germaine, xiaomao, Huiting and I got to attend the Gala Premiere of this new Jap movie “Hero”. It was a rather nice experience except for the seats (we were at the 2nd row…ok, so RHW is not worthy of better seats…bleh.)

Anyway Nat Ho was there, and we got him to record his liner for RHW. He’s a really nice person, very down-to-earth.

There was this scene in the movie where they took an aerial view of the law firm and this guy was talking about his divorce and his daughter missing him (right.) and his colleagues all turned to leave. When they left, their coffee mugs were still on the table. But when the camera went back to this scene again, the mugs were gone.

I love to spot inconsistencies. (is there even such a spelling?)

So anyway, Huiting and I shared a cab home and during the cab ride, she told me something that happened during the recording of the liner and due to my insensitivity, I totally missed that!

It made me think if I should rejudge myself on my sensitivity…er, radar?

Sometimes, the media industry intimidates me quite a bit.

Such things always make me think about the future, life, etc because sooner or later, the said “future” is gona be the “present”.

Am I ready?

Disclaimer: This isn’t an emo post, yar? When we’re sane and collected, it doesn’t have to mean we are emo.

the RHW peeps seem to enjoy calling each other “eh you EMO ah!”

hahaha… 😉

first post


hahaha, ok, it’s gona be tough for me to update this blog because I don’t even update my own blog often enough.

But of course, I will still try to… o.O

I just finished my chinese charts show, been really fun. I used a music bed today and it made me feel less lonely LOL.

CTV also came in to film us for a New Yr’s Eve video, it’s for the countdown. Interesting.

Do lookout for RHW in the video yar 😉