88.3 Jia FM Campus Reporter

On Saturday, a bunch of us went over to IMM to support our very own Jing Hui in the annual 88.3 Jia FM Campus Reporter finals. For the uninitiated, this contest has the DJs from 88.3 FM coming down to every tertiary institution in Singapore in search of the titular Campus Reporter. What this Campus Reporter has to do is to be a roving, on-campus, reporter for the station, and as such need to have good mandarin speech skills as well as fundamental presentation techniques.

Jing Hui got selected as a finalist from NP along with a guy from HMS. I’ll let pictures do the talking.




Oh yeah, Steph did up a cheer for Jing Hui. It went like so:

She’s tall, she’s hot,

She’s everything you are not.

Articulate and smart,

She’ll win this thing hands down.

Go go go Jing Hui, 加油 Jing Hui.

Congratulations Jing Hui!



  1. I totally forgot about this event!

    Put up more pictures, please.

  2. Yes, more pictures please! So how’s the results?

  3. congrats to HMS cheng yao too! :))

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