End of Jam N Hop

three cheers for Radio Heatwave!!

 finally Jam n Hop is OVER! it was a great experience even though there are times we almost kill each other… haha! but yes we r still alive and rocking on…. next up! MCYS and Open House 08….

more work but yes more fun for all of us! let’s show the world we r the best! love love! 😀


What ‘love’??

i am writting this entry on my bed at 3.46pm on a thursday afternoon. guess why i’m at home…

 well i just got diagnose with STOMACH FLU……………………………………………………..

first and foremost THANKS NENG FOR THE VIRUS! plz lah we r not the sway one! u r the one that brought the sway… hahahaha! i think 6 ppl in our team got it somehow… its worse when u juz recovered from fever and sore throat last week and u get this virus this week.

Red Camp 4 is here and i m sitting at home nursing myself, its a really really horrible experience and it made my brains go bonkers.  blah! looking on the bright side, even tho i was half dead yesterday, i made it for the interview with taufik and olinda. very fun indeed. taufik is dead chatty. haha!

next on the list for me is SIMPLE PLAN! hahaa! well those bunch of guys are coming to town an apprently Singapore is their only stop. wohooo! i better get well to meet them. haha!

 guys pray hard i will be well tmr for jam n hop! damn pms season coming soon. argh! love love!

The First Time


ok i am being random, look on the bright side, nad is fine on the blog and ‘talking’ smoothly unlike the REAL nad who is half sick with a VERY bad sore throat and she sounds like a transexual or like jing2 say, fran from ‘the nanny’.


ok i swear i am nothing like her. haha! but yeah this is my first entry in our official blog (i bet kenneth reads our entry to check on grammatical errors :D) RHW team is currently in their 8th week! well at least i think we are, but who cares! let’s all have fun!

Being the current Music Director of Heatwave, I’m happy to say the CD collection in our office/conty/table is increasing & we seriously need more SPACE & arrange them accordingly. i have been wanting to do that since week one, but yah its not happening anytime soon. more record labels deals coming up, so tune in to RHW for the latest hits.

 My throat is not getting any better, and its sad cuz tmr is my SHOW DAY! blah! i want to host ‘Your Request’ & ‘Sensasi!!’. 😦 will try my best to get my ass to school, and since someone requested/hinted that i should talk about my cats, let me leave you guys with a picture of TOM! my fav prince! oh and also a picture of me n kyle from the Click 5, hot stuff i tell you. just hope i get back my voice for the upcoming meetings i have.

pray for me ppl 😉

 ok i have to put my pic at some site like photobucket to put it up. bleah!