Hancock The Movie

We were invited to the premiere of Hancock the movie in Singapore on Monday night. It was held at Vivocity, and screened on 9PM.

There, we saw familiar TV faces like Randall Tan, alongside with wife Melody Chen, and the Power 98 DJs Jensen, Harry and our mentor Mario Ocampo Lajarca Jr. (quite a mouthful).

We bumped into CTV’s Daniel and Mr. Foo (so quiet nowadays) too.
In a nutshell, Hancock is not your average superhero who saves the world and the neighbourhood and well-liked by the people. On the contrary, the citizens hates him for his cockiness and arrogance that the Goverment decided to put him behind bars. On an occasion where Hancock saves a (useless) PR man from a train accident, he decided to help Hancock – to change his entire image.

It turns out that the PR’s wife was Hancock’s ex wife and they are of the same kind ofΒ  species with special power. The story ends with a twist, where Hancock learns humility and let his ex wife be together with the PR man.

Throughout the movie you will get to see Will Smith signature pout, as well as his funny “good job” that will bound to crack you up.

I give Hancock a 3.5 out of 5.

Last but not least, Radio Heatwave thanks Sony Pictures and Golden Village for the wonderful time! πŸ™‚


Kenji Wu is…

… definitely a charmer. πŸ˜€

Shanice and I went down to Copthorne King’s Hotel @ Havelock Road for this Meet-the-Media session with Kenji Wu, a Taiwan-based singer/songwriter. Kenji has just released his fourth album and is currently on tour in Asian countries to promote his album and to also get ready for his upcoming concert slated to happen end of this year.

The session was pretty small with only us and 3 or 4 other publications or media around. Also, it was held in Kenji’s hotel room itself so it felt pretty cozy! Kenji charmed us with his megawatt smile and witty sense of humour and by the end of the interview, he managed to get Shanice swooning over him. But okay, I have to admit, I was swooning a little too, but not as much as Shanice was! πŸ˜›

Alright I won’t go into details, but if you want to know more about the interview, look out for this podcast on our Radio Heatwave main website! It should be coming up soon! I’m in the midst of editing it. ^^

For now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Whiteboard Hassle

In our mission to cut cost while interning at Radio Heatwave, we decided to pick up somebody else’s rubbish and make it into our treasure.

What I mean is that while the office opposite is undergoing some kind of big renovation, we saw the workers carrying the big-ass whiteboard out to the corridor, waiting for the presumably (Bangladesh) workers to throw away.

Darrick suddenly thought of an idea and thought we could use that for our new continuity room (located at Atrium).Β  Though it might be super super super dirty and very big, we decided we shall clean it and send it to some carpenter who can do the cutting job for us.

So Lamont and Darrick took a good 10 minutes carrying it into the office before we girls start on the cleaning. And trust me, it’s not easy feat.

Firstly, imagine this board is a very badly stained one. We were already halfway done when I took this.

The stains were there hell-knows-when and it’t not removable by just normal water + soap combination.

This auntie passed me a “Strong” spray for whiteboard and we started spraying it o the tough spots. Well, initially I was just spraying and telling Mag and Rick to wipe here and clean there. πŸ˜€

Then Kym took over my responsibility and I had to wipe instead. =,= I must have lost 1 kilo there from cleaning or something. Kym said her fingers are sore from spraying! What logic!

Darrick, despite the lethargy, seem to be having a lot of fun…

Scrubbing and more scrubbing… and we took another bottle from CTV – some kind of cream based lemon flavoured detergent.

Now if you step into our office, you’ll see the sparkling whiteboard leaning proudly against the cabinets.

Mind you, normally the cleaning work are all mostly done by ME, and Yi Yuin. Just thought we should take the credit. Hahahaha!

UPDATE: We picked up a notice board too! πŸ˜€

RHW @ Power 98!

It’s been quite a couple months since Radio Heatwave has been on our Power 98 show, Campus Radio. So far, it’s a wonderful experience and we’re always learning new stuff there as we go along πŸ™‚ It’s an eye-opener and a change from the school environment. We get the chance to see how things really work out at an actual radio station in Singapore… we produce our own capsules that get aired on Power 98 and it’s just basically a whole lot of fun! Mario (the person who was in charge of us) has been a great teacher, role model, and friend who shares with us jokes and different experiences from places he has travelled to or worked at. Here are some pictures of the Campus Radio DJs over at the Power 98 studios.

In the money making studio with Mario and Fendi

In the on-air studio! There’s lovely aerial view of the area around! You can see it sunny or rainy πŸ™‚ perfect for reading the weather. haha.

A couple of us fooling around in the studio during Mario’s shift, only at Power 98!

Mario on The Daily Dose!

another pic of Mario doing his thang, and he was trying to dance to the music! πŸ˜›

Oh and as a side note, I realised alot of the DJs there love to rock to the music. hahaha. I nearly got a video of Harry dancing in the studio while he was hosting. We were in the next room and could see him, but I only had my handphone with me… no digital camera. But it was so funny I swear. Haha.

Anyways, do watch this space as we bring you more pictures when we can πŸ™‚ For those who are free over the weekend, do listen in to our show as we bring you all the fun, entertainment, celebrity news, interesting topics and of course, awesome hit music! you can catch us every Sunday, from 10-11am, only on Power 98!



RHW’s Barbecue!

Instead of using the typical “it was a blast!”, I’m going to describe this BBQ as an unforgettable one.

The event took place last Tuesday over at Marc’s place, The Belleforte, and it took six people to make it happen.

In order to save time, Darrick ordered from BBQ Wholesale, which I think has a pretty good website. The party was organised for all part-timers and I think they had a hell of a good time.

We went over early to help out. Kym, Darrick and I helped carry the first batch of food downstairs, while the others were upstairs *coughs* gaming *coughs*

You know the big styrofoam box you use to store things? The entire bottom piece of the styrofoam broke apart, thanks to Darrick’s clumsiness. What was supposed to be the ice cooler snapped, became the tool to help us pick up the frisbee when it fell into the pool many many times. πŸ˜€ Water was flowing freely all over the ground and Darrick wet himself, in shock.

The frisbee was the main entertainment we have there and many times it went in the wrong direction, thrice entering somebody else’s house. 😑

If you’re just curious about what our frisbee is for, check this VIDEO.

So anyway, I helped the fire (yay!) with Darrick and Kym, as the part-timers start to fill in.

The green flame toy was purchased at Daiso the other time and it’s pretty cool actually, just that it burns only for 5 minutes, what a waste of $2, no wonder people want to steal the green liquid only.

Surprisingly, for the first half of the BBQ, Khurshed and I were the cook, so we had to stand the heat and oiliness to serve everybody. Talk about community service. Heh. The food was fantastic (I didn’t eat the chicken so I don’t know how it taste like) but the salmon, sotong and otah are damn goooood. That also explains the cost of them.

Darrick and Kym were fascinated by the squirting sausages that I think so-so only lah.

With great company and all, we did not neglect to prepare drinks, that resulted in a very hyperactive group talking gibberish. It was all in good fun.

Amidst the mingling, Khurshed was standing in a corner palm-reading the part-timers. He was quite spot-on.

The party drew to a close with everyone laughing and further interaction – a very successful BBQ!

The happy Heatwave people! These include: Sylvia, Taina, Alica, Donovan, Axel, Elise, Marissa, Pei Xuan, Ching Sze, Aqilah, Matthew, Neng Hao, Mok, Khurshed, Beverly, Chong Ern, Alfred, Sheryl, Priscilla, Shi Qi, Lamont, Mag, Darrick, Kym, Marc and me! (please email me if I spelt your name wrongly or forgot to include your name! {shanice@radioheatwave.com})

And here are some of the photos! ^^



Launch Party of TRACE TV

On the 16th of June 2008 over 100 media executives gathered at Barfly, Clark Quay to celebrate the launch of TRACE TV, the latest addition to Singtel’s MIO TV family. The night started with free flow conversation and drinks while the VJ prepped himself for the highlight of the night – video mixing.

After the speech by Chairman and CEO of TRACE TV, Olivier Laouchez, a group of dancers performed a high energy hip-hop dance to kick start the night. VJ Hi-Grade wowed the crowd as he showcased his talent in video mixing – live.
The crowd continued to mingle and dance as the night came to a close. Guests were given TRACE TV goodie bags as they exited.

And here are the pictures! πŸ™‚


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, the whole song was in none other than English. >.>

Oh, and this is the same woman, they actually let her perform on stage. Yes, she sang the same song and she improved!

Notice how the audience mocks her, LOL.